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I did a thing with Starbomb!


I’ve never seen anyone so happy to spank an invisible ass.

I’m now playing that gif to this song:

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So I got this fortune cookie…


And this was the fortune I got…


Well, that settles it. Fate is telling me to go ahead and patent those plans for a helicopter backpack and flaming penguin launcher!


This is the greatest idea ever. Let’s do it!

Fortune cookies never lie!

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Totally accurate!

…I think.

Link 21 Dec 1 note The magic button — Make Everything OK»

The button that everyone needs.

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This will be stuck in my head all day now.

Link 21 Dec Bring»

I shouldn’t b entertained by this, but I am.

Video 19 Dec 3 notes

I usually don’t find commercials with kids all that entertaining…But this one legitimately made me laugh.

Photo 4 Dec 127,866 notes Erry day. :P

Erry day. :P

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Video 27 Nov

I could watch this all day. :3


Link 11 Nov»

I always loved Epic Rap Battles of History, but this one is particularly badass.

Video 18 Sep 5 notes

This is so nerdy, but still made of awesome.

Video 8 Sep

I can’t stop watiching this.

Nyan Cat - Real Cats Cover by Kartiv2 (by kartiv2)

Photo 4 Sep 21 notes This is the face I make when someone starts talking about sports to me.

This is the face I make when someone starts talking about sports to me.

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I can’t get enough of how adorable this is. XD


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